Sustainable packaging innovation

Environmental consciousness must be a top priority when developing packaging and enhance its values and overall performance. AR Packaging provides solutions with an optimised ecological footprint for each individual product’s requirements − from high barrier laminates for infant formula to fully repulpable “on-the go” coatings.

We are proud to share many cases where we contribute to a minimised use of resources when looking at the total value chain. Below are just two of them:


PaperLite® is FCS® certified packaging material for thermoformed trays where the majority of plastics is replaced by paper. The use of renewable paper lower the total carbon footprint by up to 85% compared to conventional full plastic material and it can be further minimised with ‘green’ polymer (PE and PET made from renewable sources as sealing layer). In addition the natural paper look and feel creates customer attention and has proven successful when used by many leading brand owners in Europe.

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Futeco Galaxy is the fully recyclable and repulpable alternative to foiled or laminated metallised carton board. Stunning metallic looks are created in a unique print process with no use of foil, laminates or plastics. Using the Futeco Galaxy technology results in a reduction of carbon emissions by almost a third compared to a corresponding product produced with lamination techniques. The shiny look can be made in different colour tones and with detailed design elements in a quick and flexible way.

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With AR Packaging at your side, the environmental challenges become a winning opportunity!