Sustainable packaging innovation #2

AR Packaging provides solutions with an optimised ecological footprint for each individual product’s requirements − from high barrier laminates for infant formula to fully repulpable “on-the go” coatings.

We are proud to share many cases where we contribute to a minimised use of resources when looking at the total value chain. We will constantly keep adding products to this list. Below are two and more to come! 


We are happy to announce our first fully repulpable paper cups produced with industrial cup forming technology in Russia and the UK. The highest focus has been put on sealing consistency, efficiency and barrier performance without weakening the repulping properties of the paper cup. Together with our barrier experts, we now transfer this know-how into our food, food service and beverage segments to individually adjust the barrier performance to specific product demands. Another great example of how close collaboration between AR Packaging business segments makes success possible.

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Boardio® Eco is an eco-optimised carton packaging system offering tailored protection for your demanding products. With its higher carton board content, differentiating shapes and convenient features, the packaging provides excellent possibilities for brand positioning for green brands. Being the winner of the carbon footprint benchmark in rigid gas tight packaging, Boardio Eco is specifically designed to protect sensitive food, such as powders, snacks etc.

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