AR Packaging wins two Pro Carton ECMA awards

For the second year in a row, we are proud to announce that AR Packaging has been awarded Pro Carton ECMA awards, one of Europe’s most prestigious packaging awards for outstanding carton packagings. Two Pro Carton Awards 2016 confirms the strong dedication to packaging innovation in the group.


Prestigious Carton of the year for My von ERL

The luxurious packaging for electronic cigarettes, produced by A&R Carton in Graz, offers a sophisticated product experience. The elegant, premium design of the packaging highlights the modern simplicity and the high technological quality of the product. The Pro Carton ECMA jury states: “Without the use of any other material other than cartonboard, the pack holds together – and presents beautifully – all of the elements and extras needed for this eCigarette product. The board engineering is truly impressive.”




Sileo - winner of the Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals category

The child-proof packaging developed for Orion Pharmaceuticals and produced by A&R Carton Oy highlights the exceptional knowledge and expertise of the company. One and a half years of development as well as numerous designs and several tests were necessary in order to create this fascinating and completely novel solution, namely a child-proof box made of one single material! The packaging contains no plastic parts, neither inside nor outside. Functionality, usability and sustainability are absolutely state-of-the-art. The jury states: “the judges were amazed at the internal engineering of the pack, which allowed it only to be opened by depressing the highlighted (in yellow) areas and where the contents were also safely secured.”



Read more about all other participating designs on Pro Cartons website.


For further information please contact:
Sebastian Eckert, Group Innovation Manager, AR Packaging
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