Flexo printing on the highest level

As A&R Packaging is a pioneer and leader in advanced flexo printing and uses the latest flexo technologies to produce advanced designs, we at CC Pack have got a lot of group support for our own flexo printing press.

The AR Packaging expertise and investments in flexo technology and continuous competence development has, for example, awarded the group with certificates in Esko Artworks strenuous certification program. The program claims that the HD flexo certified companies are among the best in their field and that they are constantly innovating to offer the very best in flexo quality.

Sustainable printing

In line with our sustainability focus the energy consumption is minimized as the press at CC pack is cooled by cold mountain water in a closed system. Also the purification works to the press is a closed system where water is purified and reused.

Why CC Pack Flexoprinting

  • High and consistent quality
  • In house printing
  • Own ink mixing station and kliche equipment for full control and shorter lead times