Four market divisions - two demanding customer groups

The AR Packaging efforts are mainly focused to two customer groups, the healthcare and food industry, and the AR Packaging offering is within four divisions - Branded Products, Food Packaging, Systems and Flexibles. All four divisions are characterised by high demands on all criteria for good packaging: to protect the content, to promote it and to assist the consumer in using the product.


Systems offers, under the A&R Carton brand, unique high performance packaging solutions, both machinery and materials, based on proprietary technologies like Sealio®, Cekacan® and Boardio®.

Our offer spans from material components to complete machinery systems, optimal for packing sensitive powders and mixes, such as infant formula, coffee and other branded products in need of effective ways to protect and present the content and increase sales and brand value.

Branded Products

Innovative packaging for goods found in retail, such as duty-free, confectionaries and high-end shops. Being a reliable packaging supplier with business acumen throughout the entire value chain with extensive geographical coverage we have the power to be key in the success of demanding brand owners.

Food Packaging

The companies and people within AR Packaging are key players in the development of food-on-the-go packaging, where consumer convenience is crucial. High food safety, sustainability standards and best-in-class key-account management translate packaging needs into innovations for customer benefits.


Under the Flextrus brand we offer flexible food packaging with tailored barrier properties that preserves freshness while safely protecting products over a prolonged shelf-life. Our flexible packaging is also a good choice when faced with the high demands on packaging in the Healthcare sector. 

All our packaging options offer the desired appearance and functional properties for products such as chilled food, hard cheese, dry mixes, bakery products, snacks, wound care products and pharmaceuticals.