No emission objective

We have for many years actively worked on and tracked our environmental footprint. Our target is to have no emissions of air and in water as a negative environmental impact.

A continuous process on all levels

In order to achieve our environmental goals, we train our employees and keep accurate statistics, for example of waste and consumption. Key figures, targets and action plans are monitored regularly to ensure continuous improvement.

We are actively working to reduce the impact of our significant environmental aspects and have procedures that minimize accidents.

A few examples of sustainability actions and achievements at CC Pack

  • All electricity used is ”green” electricity.
  • The plant is built in divided fireproof sections.
  • Effective resource management.
  • 100 % of aluminium residue arising from the production of CC Alu is recycled.
  • 90 % of the material used in the production of CC Board comes from renewable resources.
  • The energy consumption in the printing process is minimized as the flexo press is cooled by cold mountain water in a closed system.
  • The purification works for the flexo press is a closed system where all water is purified and reused.
  • Time scheduled lightning and ventilation in the factory.