45 colleagues, 6 robots and 950 crayfish

Yes, that’s the team here at CC Pack. 45 co-workers, all commited to delivering value to our customers and 6 robots assisting in our modern and quality focused production. Well almost 6. Two of them are dedicated to mowing our obsession – the green grass that surrounds our facilities.

Last but not least, we like to mention our crayfish. As a tradition and delicacy, freshwater crayfish are savoured early autumn every year. And since we like to do things our way and close to home, we have our own local source right by our plant. The pond that supplies us with cooling water for the Flexo press, as well as water for our lawns, is at the same time home and breeding ground for our Crayfish. Treating them right and in balance with nature, there’s an endless supply.

Our values

Our core values are the essence of our identity as a company, as a brand, but mostly as a group of people working together. Of course we differ and difference is good since it widens our perspectives and makes life interesting. But in between our differences we share a few fundamental values which unites and motivates us. They are:


For the individual and the world around us.

Team spirit

We work together as a team where everyone matters but with different roles and responsibilities.

Openness and sincerity:

In cooperation lies our future and ability to deliver value. 

Close to our customer:

Understanding our customers’ needs and challenges pro-actively is our responsibility and key to success.