A volume leader with a heart

CC Pack manufactures packaging mainly for the European food industry. In fact, we are the volume leader in pressed board trays. Our job is to provide good food with good packaging and it’s a task that is in rapid change as behaviour and attitudes to consuming food is constantly changing. Our promise is ”Thinking fresh” and it covers all aspects of what we do - from ideas and solutions, to production and processes and all the way to the environmental impacts we and our products have on the world around us.

A resourceful context

We are a member of AR Packaging, which gives us the advantages of being part of a group of companies with vast experiences and resources. But we hold on to our background as a small company and are just as passionate and personal as we have always been.

CC Pack in short

  • Very high standard of food packaging production, certified according to BRC
  • Straight forward, sincere and close relationships with our partners
  • Large technical expertise of our customers’ equipment
  • Flexible organization, high delivery capacity and good quality
  • Skilled employees and low staff turnover
  • Effective resource management
  • The plant is built in divided fireproof sections